Wedding Flowers Masterclass

What do you get?

What is more fun and special than preparing the wedding flowers for a close friend or family member or even yourself! Immerse yourself in the world of beauty and romance and combine the two by creating some beautiful creations and learning to do everything from vase work, table arrangements and centerpieces, bridal bouquets, buttonholes, and much more in this truly immersive course.

1. Introduction

Fundamentals of Floristry

The Flower School Online; Fundamentals of Floristry is an entry point into the world of flower arranging. Our top florist will talk about the core concepts and ideas that are so important for any area of floristry. This will give you a comprehensive overview of the things to look for when arranging your flowers and bouquets. Concepts such as colour, space, and foliage are explored. Perfect for anyone looking to enter the floral world.

2. Wedding Bouquet Design

Flower bouquet arranging for weddings

Learn about wedding flowers and how to arrange a bridal bouquet, from the ideal dimension to different styles, from flowers and colour combinations to flower seasonality. Have fun making your bridal bouquet and last but not least discover the secret on how to tie the ribbon around the stems for a professional finishing.

3. Wedding Bouquet + Buttonholes

Designs for groom & bride

Whether it is for a wedding or for any other occasion, a buttonhole it’s something very simple and handy to know how to make it. You just need a few stems to completely transform any outfit.

4. Flower Head Dress Making

Design a matching floral crown

Creating headdresses is a more technical skill to learn and master but even still it is incredibly fun to learn and better yet, the results are beautiful. Wiring is a very important part of floristry and in this chapter, Sofia will be showing you how to use this technique in order to create wonderful headpieces for weddings and other special occasions.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction - Fundamentals of Floristry

  • 2

    Wedding Bouquet Design

    • Bridal Bouquet Design and Buttonhole making part 1

    • Bridal Bouquet Design and Buttonhole making part 2

    • Bridal Bouquet Design and Buttonhole making part 3

    • Bridal Bouquet Design and Buttonhole making part 4

    • Bridal Bouquet Design and Buttonhole making part 5

  • 3

    Flower Head Dress Making

    • Flower Head Dress Making part 1

    • Flower Head Dress Making part 2

    • Flower Head Dress Making part 3


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Course Instructor

Who is teaching this course?

Senior Florist

Sofia Marsano

Due to her incredible eye for detail and formidable skillset, Sofia quickly rose through the ranks of one of London's top florists, Flower Station to become their head florist as well as overseeing their day to day operations. Though a series of courses, Sofia will not only share the knowledge and skills that got her to that position but also some of the industry tips + secrets she has picked up along the way.

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