Large Urn Flower Arrangement Masterclass

What do you get?

For weddings and events, nothing is more impressive than a large urn flower arrangement as a centrepiece. It is a real show stopper. In this course, Zita will guide you how to arrange fresh flowers in large urns for any special occasions of yours.

1. Introduction

Fundamentals of Floristry

The Flower School Online; Fundamentals of Floristry is an entry point into the world of flower arranging. Our top florist will talk about the core concepts and ideas that are so important for any area of floristry. This will give you a comprehensive overview of the things to look for when arranging your flowers and bouquets. Concepts such as colour, space, and foliage are explored. Perfect for anyone looking to enter the floral world.

2. Main Course

Learn how to create a large urn flower arrangement

Follow Zita's expert guidance on how to construct an amazing arrangement using fresh seasonal flowers. Things you will explore include matching flowers, using foliage, balancing colours, and creating a solid base for the arrangement, amongst other subjects.
Main Course

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction - Fundamentals of Floristry

  • 2

    Main Course

    • Urn Arrangement Masterclass- Part 1

    • Urn Arrangement Masterclass- Part 2

    • Urn Arrangement Masterclass- Part 3

    • Urn Arrangement Masterclass- Part 4


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Course Instructor

Who is teaching this course?

Senior Florist

Zita Hesz- Furmann

Widely respected, Zita has been part of the Flower Station family for a number of years. Highly creative and skilled, Zita aims to share her expert knowledge with her students though the online courses that she teaches.

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