Let's Spiral

What do you get?

The spiral technique is the basis for all hand tied bouquets. For some people, it is quick and easy to learn and for others, it needs some practice. Once mastered, you can make bouquets yourself from scratch and really impress your friends and family. This really is the fundamental technique that florists learn and the benefit is that not only can you create gifts for friends but this is also a great way of preparing flowers for a vase. This applies to complexed mixes of colours and textures to simple collections of single types of flowers that just gives an elegant and lovely look.

1. Introduction

Fundamentals of Floristry

The Flower School Online; Fundamentals of Floristry is an entry point into the world of flower arranging. Our top florist will talk about the core concepts and ideas that are so important for any area of floristry. This will give you a comprehensive overview of the things to look for when arranging your flowers and bouquets. Concepts such as colour, space and foliage are explored. Perfect for anyone looking to enter into the floral world.

2. Spiralling Technique

Learn how to arrange the perfect bouquet

In this course, Sofia will guide you through one of the most important and fundamental techniques of floristry which is spiralling a bouquet. She will share with you the knowledge and wisdom she has gained throughout her career as the head florist at Flower Station in London's Marylebone, one of the UK's most well known and respected florist shops. You can use what you learn in this course to make amazing flower bouquets like a real pro.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction - Fundamentals of Floristry

  • 2

    Let's Sprial

    • Let's Spiral - Spiralling Technique - part 1

    • Let's Spiral - Spiralling Technique - part 2

    • Let's Spiral - Spiralling Technique - part 3

    • Let's Spiral - Spiralling Technique - part 4


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Course Instructor

Who is teaching this course?

Senior Florist

Sofia Marsano

Due to her incredible eye for detail and formidable skillset, Sofia quickly rose through the ranks of one of London's top florists, Flower Station to become their head florist as well as overseeing their day to day operations. Though a series of courses, Sofia will not only share the knowledge and skills that got her to that position but also some of the industry tips + secrets she has picked up along the way.

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