How to Make the Perfect Wreath

in 5 Easy Steps

When the word wreath arises most people imagine Christmas. But wreaths are not just for the holidays. Wreaths made of evergreen materials can be a stunning decoration of your door or walls all-year-round. A beautifully crafted wreath can be a genuine gift for friends that have just moved into their new home.

One of the crucial pieces of advice we can give you right away is that you don’t need fancy tools and supplies to make beautiful wreaths. Nature gives you all the materials you need for free. If a walk in the woods cannot provide you with the supplies to make your homemade wreath, you can reach out to your local florist.

With this easy 5-step guide, we want to show you how making a wreath is fun and easy. It just takes a little patience and desire to explore your creative side.

Things you need to create a wreath

  1. Round wireframe - this type of frame is maybe the most versatile and the most used basis for the wreath.  You decide how large to be but for a larger wreath start with a double-wire frame;

  1. 3-4 types of greenery - you can combine evergreen foliages with seasonal leaves, herbs, or seasonal flowers;

  1. Small pine cones - it works well to combine the greenery with round, hard elements like pine cones. You can paint the cones to add some beautiful contrast into the wreaths;

  1. Ribbon or fishing wire for the hanging of the wreath on the door or wall;

  1. Florist wire - you will use it for the wrapping of the greenery and pine cones to the wireframe;

  1. Floristry scissors - use it to cut the florist wire;

When you get all the needed supplies you can start with the creation of the wreath in 5 easy steps.

Step #1: Attach your greenery on the wire frame

Put the wireframe on the table and lay a small bundle of the greenery on it. Then wrap the florist wire tightly around the stems to fasten the greenery to the frame. Here, it is important not to cut the wire because you are going to use it for the next bundle of greenery. Add another bundle, overlapping the previous one by half and hiding its stem. Wrap the second greenery with the wire around its stem. You make this until the frame is evenly covered. You can make two circles to give depth to the wreath.

Step #2: Check for gaps

Once you add two full circles of foliages to the wireframe, you must then check for any gaps and add more of the greenery if needed. Alternate the different types of foliages to get the best result or attach one type of leaves on the outer part of the frame and other on the inner part.

Step #3. Attach the ribbon or the fishing wire to the frame

Once you have checked that the wreath does not have any holes and has a nice round form you can then attach a ribbon by doubling it around the frame. Keep in mind that you should make sure that the ribbon's length looks good and the wreath is perfectly positioned on the door or wall.

Step #4. Attach the small pine cones to the wreath

Cut long lengths of the florist wire. Proceed by twisting each length around each pine cone’s stem. You make something like ribbons around the stems. After that, you can attach the pine cones at random intervals around the wreath by tying the two “ears” of the wire at the back of the wreath.

Step #5 Improve the wreaths form then hang it 

Before you hang the wreath you can cut off any stems or foliage that is sticking out of the wreath. Now you can use the previously tied ribbon or fishing cord to hang the wreath on a door or any other place at your home.

Tips to create the perfect wreath for your door

  • In case you want to add flowers to the decoration of the wreath, be sure you have picked easy-to-dry ones so your wreath would last longer;

  • Be sure there are no holes in your wreath and all the stems are covered by with greenery;

  • Before layering the greenery, you can add moss first. This way you give your wreath a fluffy vision and a efficient way to hide the wires;

  • Before you start with the wreath creation consider matching its colour with the colour of your door or wall. We confidently advise you to choose contrasting colours;

  • Give the wreath some fragrance by adding eucalyptus or lavender, It could be great substitute or addition to the scented Christmas candle on your table;

Bonus Wreaths Ideas 

We have already taught you how to create a basic wreath for your door but you might need some more inspiration. We have found some at our collection of wreaths.

Classic wreath with one type of greenery

As we mentioned above, there is no need to have loads of materials and colours to create a gorgeous wreath. The Natural Nordmann Wreath proves it. We designed it by using only one evergreen foliage. We created a fluffy Christmas decoration for the door.

Silver and Gold wreath

You can attach some pine cones painted in white on the wreath to make it perfect for welcoming the winter. If the white nuance is not enough for you, why not spraying all the wreath in white as if it’s snowing.

Wreath with fruits

Nature gives you all you need to create the perfect wreath. Adding fruits is another bright idea turned into reality with the elegant design of Festive Fragrance wreath. We have added red apples, cinnamon, pinecones and evergreen springs to create a subtle texture that is sure to delight all your visitors.